Cisco offers a variety of courseware on Cisco Learning Network Space as digital version via online eReader. You can chose which form you prefer till latest 14 days before coursestart. Certain kits are provided as e-book only - e.g. CCNA Routing & Switching.

A Cisco CCO account is needed for the download of the kit. If you need an account you can register here: Register CCO Account

The digital kit is associated to your CCO account and cannot be transfered to another person/e-mail.

Please check the system requirements thoroughly. Once your code is entered, the e-kit considered as delivered, even if the document can not be displayed. Printing is limited to 5 x 2 pages. The code will be send per e-mail via learning network = Activation info for student kit containing all information needed.
Please check your spam/junk folder in case you do not receive the email.

Further informations and system requirements:

Program Information:

  • Cisco Learning Network Space offers students who have registered for / enrolled in a course offered by a Cisco Learning Partner the ability to access Student Kit material in a digital format.
  • After a student redeems an access code for their Student Kit material, s/he will be able to view their materials via the Online eReader that can be accessed from their 'My Content' page on Cisco Learning Network Space.
  • After redeeming the access code, a student may also view their Student Kit material in any of our eReader apps:
    • Cisco eReader for Windows
    • Cisco eReader for iPad
    • Cisco eReader for Android
    • Cisco eReader for Mac OS X

Step-by-Step Instructions for Redeeming an Access Code and Displaying Content:

  1. Register for a ID (CCO ID) if you don't already have one.  Be sure to click 'I Agree' in the "Terms of Use" page before proceeding to download any content.
  2. Log in to Cisco Learning Network Space using your CCO ID.
  3. Click the My Content tab in the top right.
  4. Copy the access code that was provided via email (Subject:  "Activation Info for Student Kit") or another medium and paste it into the box on the right pane under "Redeem your access code here:"
  5. The redeemed content is populated in the main left pane under "My Content."
  6. Click the desired title in the "My Content" list to launch the eReader.
  7. For the eReader's functionalities, please refer to the above sections "Recording of System Features" and "Student Guide."

For students whose courses were ordered through DCT, supplementary guides explaining the registration process and basic usage can be found at this link:

Cisco Learning Network Space - DCT-Specific User Information

Online eReader User Guide:

  • The User Guide for the Cisco Learning Network Reader can be accessed from Cisco Learning Network Space.
  • Log in and click the Download Free Online Courses tab. Then click Cisco Learning Network Space Reader User Guide.
  • Doing so will add the Reader User Guide to "My Content."
  • Launch the Reader User Guide from "My Content" to display its content.

System Requirements:

System Requirements - Cisco Learning Network Space and Online eReader

  • Internet Connection
  • Memory Requirement: 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10  (Browsers: Firefox 19+, Chrome 18+, Internet Explorer 10+, Microsoft Edge 20+)
  • Mac OS X version 10.9 and above (Browsers: Firefox 19+, Chrome 18+, Safari 7+)

System Requirements - Cisco eReader for Windows

  • x86 and x86_64
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Cisco eReader for Windows is available for download and installation from the 'Download Application' tab on

Note:  Cisco eReader for Windows supports English content only

System Requirements - Cisco eReader for Mac

System Requirements - Cisco eReader for iPad

System Requirements - Cisco eReader for Android

    Lab Guides:

    Lab Guides for some Cisco Learning Network Space courses are available for download from this page:

    Cisco Learning Network Space - Lab Guide Download

    These Lab Guides are in PDF format and are printable.

    Recording and Guides of System Features:

    Recording and Guides of System Features:

    • For system usage questions, please send an email with detailed descriptions and screenshots to
    • For help with Cisco Learning Network Space problems, please open a support case by clicking Support at the bottom left of the landing page or the "My Content" page after logging in to Cisco Learning Network Space. For quicker support, please include a detailed description and screenshots.

    New Features:

    • June 2016: Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge support
    • May 2016: Cisco eReader for Mac OS X
    • November 2015:  The Content Versioning feature will allow Cisco Learning Network Space to provide entitled students updates to select courses without losing annotations. The Content Versioning Feature guide can be found here:  ContentVersioning_StudentGuide_v01.pdf (1.3 MB)


    Is there anything that I should do before logging in to Cisco Learning Network Space for the first time or before redeeming an access code?

    If you registered your CCO ID a while ago, ensure that the email address associated with your CCO ID is up to date. This will allow us to reach you in case you have any inquiries or need help from our Support Team. Log in to, click Account and then click Profile Manager. Once in the Profile Manager, you can update the Email field with your current email address.

    I didn't receive the "Activation Info for Student Kit" email.  What shoud I do?

    Please check your Spam or Junk folder.  Many times your email with Subject "Activation Info for Student Kit" can be found there.

    If it is not in your Spam or Junk folder, then please contact your Learning Provider for more help.

    If your Learning Provider confirms that the email was sent to your correct email address, then please contact Cisco Learning Network Space Support (see below).

    How much can I print?

    Digital versions of the course material are not designed for printing.  Thus, only limited printing capability is available at this point.  If you wish to obtain a printed copy of the course, please contact your Learning Provider to purchase a copy.

    Lab Guides for selected Cisco Learning Network Space courses will be made available for download in PDF format.  The PDF versions will be completely printable.  Please check the Lab Guide download page for availability:

    Cisco Learning Network Space - Lab Guide Download

    Can I copy part of the course document to the clipboard?

    No, digital rights management (DRM) does not allow the copying of course content to the clipboard.

    Can I copy my page notes or highlight comments to the clipboard?

    Yes, your annotations belong to you, so you may copy them to the clipboard.

    • To copy your highlight comments, go to the edit box for each comment and copy from there.
    • There are several ways to copy your page notes: Go to the edit box for each page note and copy from there, click Export to export them all at once, or click Print Notes to print them all at once.

    For more information, please see the attached document at the bottom of this page: Student Portal & eReaders.

    Can I download content and study offline?

    Cisco eReader for Windows, iPad, and Android are available for offline study.

    • To download Cisco eReader for Windows, log in to Cisco Learning Network Space, click Download Application, then click Get the Application, and follow the installation instructions.
    • Cisco eReader for iPad is available for download from the iTunes App Store.
    • Cisco eReader for Android is available for download from Google Play.

    Please refer to the System Requirements at the top of this page to determine if your device is supported.

    How do I contact Cisco Learning Network Space Support (available 24x7)?

        By email:
        By phone: 1-855-728-6720

    For the quickest response, please provide a detailed description and screenshots.