Implementing Aruba Mobility-VILT

Dauer: 5 Tage

AR-IAW - Implementing Aruba WLAN Training ist empfohlen. Die ACMA Zertifizierung ist Voraussetzung für die ACMP Zertifizierung.

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31-10-2022 - 04-11-2022 ZA Johannesburg English Anmelden

Using lectures and labs, the Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation (SWDI) course leverages concepts introduced in the Implementing Aruba WLAN course (01060303) to advance your expertise in building complex networks. This course teaches you new skills based upon the Aruba Campus Wireless Networks Validated Reference Design for network design and redundancy.  In this course, you will learn about Aruba’s firewall features such as policy design, authentication, role derivation, and more. This course prepares you to design and implement complex networks using Aruba’s Remote APs and multi-controller environments.


After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:

  • Demonstrate the ability to design and deploy scalable Aruba WLANs
  • Aruba Architecture
    • Aruba Review
    • Aruba Network Architecture Components
    • Software Architecture Components
    • Campus and Remote Network Design
    • Aruba Scalable Design
    • Theory of Operation
    • Controller Roles
    • DHCP request/reply
    • Introducing ASE
  • Wired Access
    • Introducing Wired Access Control
    • PACL and VACL
    • Wired Access Control Configuration
    • VLAN AAA profile and Global AAA profile
    • Lab
  • Master Redundancy
    • Master Redundancy Overview
    • Configuration
    • Master Redundancy DB Synchronization
    • Lab
  • Master/Local Operations
    • Multi Controller and Configuration
    • Centralized Licensing and Image Upgrades
    • AP Image Preload and Groups
    • VLAN Pooling
    • Named VLANs
    • AP Termination
    • LAB
  • CPSec
    • Introduction to Control Plane Security
    • How CPSec works
    • Configuring CPSec in GUI
    • CLI CPSec Configuration
    • Configuring the CPSec Whitelist
  • IP Mobility
    • Mobility Overview
    • Single Controller Mobility
    • Inter Controller Mobility
    • 802.11r Mobility
    • Monitor IP Mobility
    • LAB
  • Local Redundancy
    • Redundancy Operations
    • Redundancy Models
    • Local Redundancy methods
    • Local Redundancy Configuration
    • LAB
  • Mesh
    • Inter to Mesh
    • Mesh basics
    • Controller and AP support
    • Mesh Details and Best practices
    • Configuration
    • Mesh Troubleshooting
    • LAB
  • RF Protect
    • Introduction to RFProtect
    • Advanced Wireless Intrusion Detection
    • Advanced Wireless Intrusion Protection
    • Spectrum Analysis
    • Rogue Detection and Containment
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