Arista Linux Essentials

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Dauer: 2 Tage


Anyone new to Linux/UNIX, or with only a basic beginner understanding of Linux, will gain knowledge and skills to be a more effective Linux administrator, and therefore a more effective Arista network administrator.

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Linux is everywhere today, and as the scale of computing grows and the scale of Linux deployments grows with it, IT professionals need to keep up with the pace of that growth. Arista’s switch technology is a combination of advanced hardware and software, at the core of which is the Extensible Operating System, designed and built around a core of Linux. This course will familiarize students with the background and history of UNIX/Linux systems, dive into how a Linux system runs and show how to interact with it in relation to Arista's product line.

ALE Syllabus:
  • UNIX and Linux History
  • Linux Distributions
  • Getting Help
  • The Linux Boot Process
  • Run Levels and Startup Files
  • Logging in, Shells, SSH
  • User Management and Administrative Access
  • The Linux Filesystem Types and Hierarchy
  • Navigating the Filesystem
  • Managing Files
  • I/O, Pipes and Redirection
  • Editors
  • Job Control and Scheduling
  • System Monitoring
  • Basic Shell Programming in bash, sed and awk
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