OpenScape Business Basic Course

Duration: 5 Days

Who should attend:

Service Personnel

An individual course planning is possible for this kind of course. If you would like to know more about this course please either call us on +43 (0)1 70795380 or send an email to info_at@flane.com.

This course prepares following certification:

Unify Technical Specialist OpenScape Business

  • Required are good knowledge of ISDN (EL7211E)
  • Basics of SIP (EL7120E)
  • Basics and usage of Unify License management
  • Windows knowledge
  • LAN/WAN knowledge (TCP/IP)
  • Basics of OpenStage HFA and TDM
Course Contents
    The basic training OpenScape Business is a course for service personnel with good knowledge of ISDN, LAN/WAN, Unify License management and OpenStage telephones. The course content includes the installation, start up and upgrading of the system. Another focus is the integration of OpenScape Business Smart Voicemail and UC Smart. After completing this course, the participant can install and start up a system, as well as can configure and perform the software update.
Course Objectives

The participant is be able to:

  • Install, start up and update a OpenScape Business standalone system and as well as perform diagnostics in case of trouble
  • Implement the minimum basic configuration of the system
  • Implement IP and digital workpoints for telephony
  • Implement the OpenScape Business UC Smart clients and myPortal to go
  • Perform a system software update
  • Perform a backup and restore of the OpenScape Business System
Course Outline
  • System overview of OpenScape Business
  • Feature overview
  1. System features
  2. Station features
  3. UC features
  • License concept
  • Installation and system start up
  • Software update concept
  1. System and UC components
  • Backup and Restore
  1. System and UC components
  • UC overview
  • Smart Voicemail
  1. User voicemail
  • UC Smart applications
  1. myPortal Smart
  2. myPortal to go
  • Practical exercises
Further information

If you would like to know more about this course please contact us