Scripting Workshop

Network Scripting Workshop

Duration: 5 Days
International dates
Date Country Location Language Register
13-12-2021 - 17-12-2021 AT Wien Deutsch Register

Course Description

This class is filling the gap to make a network engineer a network scripter. We start with Python Programming Basics, will cover Linux BASH scripting as well and finally various APIs to script Arista and Cisco devices in the lab.

Course Outline

  • Python Programming Basics
  • Python Scripting
  • Linux Basics
  • Linux BASH Scripting
  • SDN Basics
  • Scripting Arista Switches with eAPI
  • Scripting Arista Switches with PyeAPI
  • Scripting Cisco Nexus Switches with NX-API
  • Scripting Cisco Devices with RestAPI
  • Scripting Cisco Devices with NETCONF & Ansible
Further information

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