NetApp Data Protection Administration

Duration: 2 Days


Who should attend

  • Systems administrators and data protection specialists
  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3 Fundamentals
  • The web-based training Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode Fundamentals (available in the NetApp University) is recommended before attending the course.

• ONTAP Cluster Administration (3-day instructor-led course)
• ONTAP Data Protection Fundamentals (eLearning)

Course Content

This intermediate-level course introduces key concepts and techniques for protecting data on NetApp® ONTAP® based systems. You learn about the data protection solutions that are integrated in ONTAP software. You also learn about tools for managing ONTAP data protection features. In the hands-on exercises, you use ONTAP System Manager and the ONTAP CLI to perform key data protection tasks. This course is updated for ONTAP 9.9.1 software.




Module 0: Welcome

• Introductions

• Course Introduction

• Pre-Class Assessment

Checking the Exercise Equipment

Module 1: ONTAP Integrated Data Protection

• Data Protection Introduction

• ONTAP Data Protection Solutions

• Data Protection Management Solutions


Module 2: SnapMirror Fundamentals

• SnapMirror Overview and Topologies

• Configuring SnapMirror Relationships

• Additional SnapMirror Configuration Considerations

• Guidelines for Intercluster Networking

• Cluster and SVM Peering

• Configuring a Load-Sharing Mirror Relationship

• Configuring Cluster Peering and SVM Peering

Module 3: SnapMirror Operation

• SnapMirror Asynchronous

• Using SnapMirror Software for Disaster Recovery

• Using SnapMirror Software for Data Restoration

• SnapMirror Synchronous

• SnapMirror and ONTAP Feature Interaction

• Using SnapMirror Asynchronous to Mirror FlexVol Volumes

• Performing SnapMirror Disaster Recovery

• Configuring SnapMirror Unified Replication for Vaulting

• Restoring Data from a Snapshot Copy

• Configuring a SnapMirror Synchronous Relationship

• Using FlexClone Technology to Clone a SnapMirror Volume

• Configuring a Cascade Relationship

Module 4: SVM DR

• SVM DR Introduction

• SVM DR Requirements and Configuration

Configuring SVM DR

Module 5: MetroCluster

• MetroCluster Fundamentals

• MetroCluster Operations


Module 6: SnapMirror Business Continuity

• SnapMirror Business Continuity Introduction

• SnapMirror Business Continuity Configuration

• Failover Operations and Failure Scenarios


Module 7: NDMP and Tape Backup

• NDMP Fundamentals

• NDMP Topologies

• NDMP Management


Module 8: Cloud-Based Data Protection

• Cloud Volumes ONTAP

• SnapMirror Cloud

• Cloud Backup Service


Course Objectives

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

• Identify the data protection features in NetApp ONTAP software
• Configure SnapMirror® relationships for disaster recovery and data backup
• Demonstrate SVM DR
• Explain MetroCluster components and functionality
• Describe SnapMirror Business Continuity components and functionality
• Describe NDMP-enabled operations to back up NAS data to tape
• Identify the cloud-based data protection solutions that NetApp offers

Further information

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