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Deploying Cisco Wireless LANs Power Workshop

Duration: 5 Days

Who Should Attend

The primary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Channel field engineers
  • Cisco Network Consulting Engineers
  • Customer network engineers

The secondary audience for this course is as follows:

  • Customer network managers
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  • CCNA or equivalent work experience
  • Familiarity with Windows and Windows Networking
Course Objectives
  • Describe wireless fundamentals, such as topologies, RF principles and math, antennae, spread spectrum technologies, frames and physics, wireless regulatory bodies, standards and certifications, and the non 802.11 wireless technologies and their impact.
  • Identify how the Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution meets the challenges of successful WLAN deployments
  • Select and properly install the Cisco Unified Wireless Network hardware that is appropriate to site and use requirements
  • Configure and implement the key Cisco Unified Wireless Network security features to mitigate WLAN security threats
  • Differentiate the characteristics of a FlexConnect architecture, configure and deploy a FlexConnect based wireless LAN
  • Perform routine maintenance, network monitoring, and common troubleshooting tasks on the Cisco wireless LAN Deploying Cisco Wireless LANs Power Workshop
  • Detail the differences in client mobility between Layer 2 and Layer 3
  • Configure the controller to appropriately mark priority traffic for transmission first in times of network congestion and avoid introducing unnecessary IPv6 which could lead to network congestion
  • Discuss the challenges faced in providing a quality user experience in a high density wireless network deployment scenario.
  • Design, install, and maintain a wireless mesh network both as an add-on to an existing WLAN and as a new installation
Course Content

The WDWL PW (Deploying Cisco Wireless LANs Power Workshop) is a five-day intensive instructor-led course. It covers all that you will need to learn about the WiFi technology and its deployment in a Cisco Unified Wireless solution. The Power Workshop combines the following: Wireless Fundamentals, WDBWL course & WDAWL course all-in-1.
It will take the learner from the basics of WLAN and its underlying elements all the way to in-depth coverage of how to install and configure the functional components of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network Solutions in several deployment models in an enterprise customer network. Learners become familiar with the inter-communication of key system components, interactions between components, software configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring, and debugging. This course also provides the learner a better understanding and appreciation of the complexities involved in efficiently supporting, client mobility, areas of high client density, and the implementation of a MESH network in a customer enterprise environment.
Knowledge is reinforced by hands-on lab exercises all throughout.

Course Outline
  • Wireless Fundamentals


  • Module 1 Cisco Wireless LAN Essentials
  • Module 2 Pre-Deployment Planning
  • Module 3 Autonomous Deployments
  • Module 4 Unified Deployments
  • Module 5 Deploying the FlexConnect Architecture
  • Module 6 Monitoring and Troubleshooting a Cisco Wireless LAN
  • Module 1 - Client Mobility Between Subnets
  • Module 2 - Network Efficiency
  • Module 3 - High Density Deployment Challenges
  • Module 4 - MESH Networks
Further information

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