Cisco MeetingPlace


Cisco MeetingPlace Upgrades and Support

Duration: 5 Days

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for senior technical engineers and personnel of Cisco ATP Partners responsible for troubleshooting and providing second level support for MeetingPlace in enterprise networks. (CMUS)

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The student's sponsoring organisation must hold a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Specialised Certification. Attendees should have completed the self-paced "Cisco MeetingPlace Product Overview" course and have hands-on experience with Cisco MeetingPlace by having attended the following pre-requisite course:

  • Cisco MeetingPlace Installation and Maintenance (CMIM - 5 days)
Course Objectives

After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Explain the expected behaviors of different types of meetings
  • Modify configuration settings based on customers requirements
  • Identify reports for usage analysis and capacity planning
  • Articulate security options at multiple MeetingPlace solutions levels
  • Complete the planning process to upgrade/patch a MeetingPlace 8100 server and Integrated Gateways
  • Describe the conversion process from a PCI server to an 8100 server
  • Complete an upgrade/patch of 8100 server from an earlier version of software
  • Upgrade/patch the Integration Gateways
  • Provide functional testing of the 8100 server and MeetingPlace integrations
  • Provide a detailed description of the interaction between MeetingPlace system components
  • Identify the processes associated with the MeetingPlace application and provide an in-depth explanation about the functionality of each process
  • Demonstrate success in troubleshooting level-two MeetingPlace system problems
  • Generate and analyse error log reports to assist in problem isolation
  • Analyse "crash dump" information to determine system-level failures
  • Analyse system output displays to identify key fields available to assist in problem resolution
  • Describe the data gathering requirements of the problem escalation process used to resolve complex system-level failures
Course Content

CMUS is a five-day instructor led advanced technical course with hands-on labs for senior support staff of Advanced Technology Partners (ATP) Program. It replaced the CMTS course in August 2005. CMUS re-enforces the system architecture and application support processes of Cisco MeetingPlace rich-media voice/web/video conferencing solution. This course includes topics on support processes, on-going support of applications and upgrade/migration procedures of PCI platform to the latest 8100 Series. In addition, this course will focus on the inter-communication of key system components and the use of various tools to verify each component's functional state. The command line and graphical user interface are used to test and verify hardware and software component functions. In addition to performing system tests, students will generate and analyze error logs, dump files, raw system reports and other key data structures used to identify overall system status. Problem isolation and problem resolution techniques will be emphasized, using hands-on lab exercises to reinforce knowledge. The student's successful completion of the course will be demonstrated by success in isolating, troubleshooting, and resolving system level problems related to the MeetingPlace rich-media conferencing solution.

Further information

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