Cisco MeetingPlace


Cisco MeetingPlace Installation and Maintenance

Duration: 2 Days

Who Should Attend

This course is intended for installation engineers, troubleshooting personnel, first-level technicians for Cisco MeetingPlace in enterprise networks.

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The student's sponsor organization must hold a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Specialized Certification. Attendees should have completed the self-paced Cisco MeetingPlace Product Overview course and have hands-on experience with Cisco MeetingPlace from having attended the following self-paced courses:

  • MeetingPlace Basic User
  • MeetingPlace Administrator
  • MeetingPlace Analyst
Course Objectives
  • Describe the Cisco MeetingPlace system architecture and the interaction between the voice/web/video system components
  • Identify the supported Cisco MeetingPlace design topologies and describe the characteristics of each design
  • Use command line interface commands to determine a MeetingPlace system's operational state
  • Identify Cisco MeetingPlace processes and explain the functionality of each
  • List the characteristics of the different MeetingPlace audio/web/video conferencing servers and gateways
  • Identify the capabilities of the communication interfaces available for MeetingPlace servers
  • Analyze reports and system output displays to identify key fields available to assist in problem resolution
  • Explain the message exchange between system components during an attendee Join Request
  • Demonstrate success in troubleshooting level-one MeetingPlace system problems
Course Content

This five-day Instructor Led Training (ILT) technical course provides in-depth understanding of the functional components of Cisco MeetingPlace products. The course examines basic and optional deployments, including integration into a Customer's Enterprise network. CMIM details the inter-communication of key system components. It focuses on terminology, concepts, protocol functionality, hardware, software, component functionality. Hands-on lab exercises practice system installation and configuration, troubleshooting, monitoring and debug, on Cisco's MeetingPlace conferencing server platforms.

Course Outline
  • Cisco MeetingPlace system architecture and interaction between the voice/web/video system components
  • Cisco MeetingPlace design topologies
  • Cisco MeetingPlace processes and functionality
  • Audio/web/video conferencing servers and gateways
  • Communication interfaces for MeetingPlace servers
  • Reports and system output displays
  • The message exchange between system components during an Attendee Join Request
  • Troubleshooting level-one problems
Further information

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