Signaling Training


Signaling Protocols over IP Networks

Duration: 4 Days

Who should attend:

Systems engineers who work with network signaling issues, technicians involved in telecommunications networks management and operation.

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ITU signaling protocols for access and core network good understanding.

Course Content

During this course, several IP Core Network signaling tracings are displayed and discussed. Many protocols depend on each other, so their messages are analyzed together within global signal flows.

Course Objectives

This course provides a global knowledge on the IP networks structure and signaling protocols. In particular, SIP, H.323, BICC, H.248 MEGACO and SIGTRAN protocols will be fully analyzed. This training deals with signaling over IP issues, not only within the core switching network, but also within the interworking between the legacy circuit switched PSTN network and the next generation IMS network.

Course Objectives

  • RAS and Call Control (H.225)
  • H.245 channels control
  • RTP transport
  • SIP and SDP protocols
  • ISUP and SIP-I protocols
  • SCTP protocol and associations
  • SIGTRAN protocol suite
  • SIGTRAN Primitives
  • M2PA protocol and functions
  • M2UA protocol and functions
  • M3UA protocol and functions
  • SUA protocol and functions
  • IUA protocol and functions
  • BICC protocol
  • Nb over IP with BICC and SIP-I
  • Transcoder Free Operation
  • MGCP protocol
  • H.248-MEGACO protocol
Further information

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