Signaling Training


Common Channel Signaling System No.7

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

TLC companies technicians who work with switching network planning or operation and maintenance.

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Networks and telecommunication services basic skills.

Course Content

This training provides in-depth analysis of ISUP and later application layer protocols messages tracings.

Course Objectives

This course provides trainees with an overview of the common channel signaling system No. 7 (SS#7), highlighting protocols, interfaces, performance and services. Particular attention is dedicated to the signaling system architecture and protocols used for telephone service (ISUP), as well as those used for Intelligent Network services and advanced services (SCCP, TCAP, INAP, etc).

Course Outline

  • MTP-2: Signaling Unit
  • MTP-3: Signaling Network
  • ISUP message format
  • ISUP signaling procedures
  • SCCP protocol and basic structure
  • SCCP messages and their functions
  • Transaction Sublayer
  • Component Sublayer
  • SS#7 primitives
  • Intelligent Network protocols
  • Intelligent Network Application Part (INAP) protocols and variants
  • Basic Call State Model (BCSM)
  • MAP (Mobile Application Part) overview
  • CAMEL overview
Further information

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