Signaling Training


Intelligent Network

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

TLC companies personnel working with Intelligent Network planning, network elements configuration or operation and maintenance.

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SS#7 Core Network signaling procedures and network elements good understanding.

Course Content

This course provides trainees with an Intelligent Network overview, that is all the Network Elements, the procedures and the protocols used within the subset reserved for value-added services in today’s telecommunications networks. This training analyzes with particular focus billing procedures involving Call Detail Records (CDRs), Number Portability procedures, Roaming management and Supplementary Services delivery, both for Voice and Data mobility services.

Course Objectives

The laboratory activities include a depth tracings analysis of Intelligent Network protocols over a native SS#7 network, an adaptive SIGTRAN network and a Full IP network. Packet captures refer both to Voice and Data flows.

Course Outline

  • SS # 7 network key nodes
  • Service Control Points
  • CDRs generation
  • Mobile Number Portability
  • Routing Numbers meaning
  • INAP protocols
  • INAP interworking - Call Control
  • Roaming issues
  • CAMEL protocol
  • O-BCSM and T-BCSM models
  • Call Detail Record reconciliation
  • Fraud prevention
  • User security
  • USSD Services: Call Back, Balance, ...
  • Intelligent Network for Data Mobility
  • RADIUS Access Layer
  • Diameter DCCA Server
  • GTP, FTP and Diameter comparison
Further information

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