Mobile Training


LTE Access Network

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

This training is addressed to technicians and planners working for mobile network operators who wish to extend their skills to the LTE technology, especially network design, implementation and management.

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UMTS High Speed network architecture good understanding and Cell Planning skills.

Course Content

This course provides an in-depth understanding of Radio Access Network in LTE networks.

Course Objectives

The incoming LTE technology allows the participant to exploit the innovative features of the new 4G mobile network. The increasing bandwidth requirements for Business and Consumer applications lead to migration from UMTS to LTE networks. Therefore, this course aims to provide the knowledge on the LTE mobile access network architecture.
This training includes the use of software simulators to simulate communication techniques and procedures on the LTE Air Interface and E-UTRA.

Course Outline
  • LTE architecture and System Architecture Evolution
  • eNodeB, S1 and X2 intefaces
  • Performance and services
  • LTE protocol stack
  • OFDMA and SC-OFDM access
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FTT)
  • Transport and advanced signaling
  • eNodeB synchronization
  • Power Control
  • Physical channels and DL/UL SubFraming
  • MAC, RLC and PDCP levels
  • ARQ and Hybrid ARQ procedures
  • RRM functions
  • Mobility management
  • Cell Search
  • Paging and Tracking Area
  • Auto-Configuration
Further information

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