Fixed Access


V5.2 Signaling

Duration: 2 Days

Who should attend:

This training is designed for technicians working with signaling issues, particularly those who are involved in the fixed access network management and operation.

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Telecommunications networks basic skills.

Course Content

This course provides several signaling messages tracing exercises and a detailed analysis of ISDN and V5.2 messages transmitted inside the access network.

Course Objectives

This course provides knowledge on the fixed access network architecture and signaling protocols, with particular reference to ISDN and V5.2. Moreover, this training analyzes signaling flows for network debugging and troubleshooting.

Course Outline

  • Copper access network structure
  • ISDN structure
  • Basic Rate Access (BRA)
  • Primary Rate Access (PRA)
  • HDLC lap D protocol
  • Q.931 signaling protocol
  • ISDN signaling flows
  • ISDN messages
  • V5.1 protocol features
  • V5.2 protocol features
  • ISDN protocol over V.5
  • PSTN protocol over V.5
  • Control Protocol
  • BCC protocol
  • Protection Protocol
  • Link Control Protocol
Further information

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