Fixed Access


Broadband Access for Triple Play Services

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

Network operating, planning and management personnel and technical support.

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Electronics and telecommunications basic skills.

Course Content

During the training, a typical access network architecture will fully simulated through the use of IP data and multimedia terminals, CPE routers, DSLAM and authentication Server with Internet connectivity, VoIP and Multicast Video. Moreover, MOS quality statistical measurements will be shown and different video compression techniques will be highlighted using Virtual Labs.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding the access network technologies for broadband connectivity provisioning.
  • Deepening the requirements for voice, video and data coexistence in IP connections based on xDSL and FTTx architectures.
  • Indentifying SLAs that the end customer must require the operator for the services integration.

Course Outline

  • VoIP and Video streaming
  • Web, e-mail and Fast Internet
  • Triple Play
  • xDSL access network
  • DSLAM: ATM / Ethernet aggragation
  • Permanent Virtual Circuit
  • IP DSLAM, VLAN and Gigabit Ethernet MAN
  • Optical WDM rings
  • Defining SLAs
  • QoS parameters and management
  • Loss, Latency and Jitter
  • MOS measurements and PSQM
  • PPPoX and IPoX encapsulation
  • BRAS and RADIUS authentication
  • TCP/IP suite and bandwidth issues
  • DNS, DHCP and Routing
  • SIP, H.323 and H.248
  • IP Multicast, PIM and IGMP
  • Image Compression and MPEG
Further information

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