Fixed Access


FTTX Architectures and GPON/Ethernet Technologies

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

This  course is  addressed to  personnel  working in  the  areas  of  network operation, maintenance and planning of a Service Provider or Network Provider.

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Ethernet DSLAM platforms for xDSL access network skills.

Course Content

The training laboratory with DSLAM devices and terminals is provided in order to realiz hands-on  related  to  copper  access  network.  Moreover, the  most  common  physical transmission media used for FTTX architectures will be shown to trainees.

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide knowledge on the FTTx access architecture, with particular focus on Fiber-Copper hybrid systems characteristics and new GPON and Ethernet access technologies. Furthermore, the Point-to-Point FTTH solution will be deeply analyzed and compared with the GPON solution regarding operation differences.

Course Outline

  • Copper access network structure
  • Access Network fibers
  • Attenuation and dispersion
  • Triple Play and requirements
  • Building structured cabling: Brown- Field and GreenField
  • Installation innovative methods: mini-dig, no-dig
  • NGN and NGN2 projects
  • Maintenance issues
  • FTTH: Fiber To The Home
  • FTTE: Fiber To The Exchange
  • FTTB: Fiber To The Building
  • FTTCab: Fibre To The Cabinet
  • FTTC: Fiber To The Cur
  • GPON Technology
  • VDSL2 Technology
  • OLT, ONT and ONU Optical Line
  • Broadband Forum TR-156/167
  • Loss, Cross Talk, Interference
Further information

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