4G/LTE Training


WIMAX And Point-to-Multipoint Systems

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

This course is intended for wireless network designers, planners and network operation personnel.

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Wireless network basic understanding.

Course Content

The laboratory sessions show and analyze several examples of planning and implementation of typical equipment for MPM systems. Furthermore, the theoretical lectures are supported by the use of software simulators and Virtual Labs, in order to better understand the most difficult topics, such as OFDMA modulation for WiMAX.

Course Objectives

This course provides knowledge on the point-to-multipoint radio access architectures, with special attention to their impact on network design and traffic management. The technological evolution is analyzed in terms of new adopted modulation techniques to cope with increasing bandwidth needs.

Course Outline

  • 4G access networks architecture
  • WiMAX and IEEE 802.16 standard
  • Network architecture
  • Mobile WiMAX
  • Radio channel and licenses
  • Performance and coverage
  • OFDM access
  • Adaptive modulation and coding
  • Capacity budget
  • MAC Sublayer
  • ARQ and HARQ
  • Scheduling policies
  • QoS
  • Authentication and data encryption
  • Access procedures and mobility
Further information

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