Implementing Aruba ClearPass

Duration: 3 Days


We recommend that students attend the Aruba ClearPass Fundamentals 3 Day Course, or achieve the Aruba Certified ClearPass Associate (ACCA) certification.

Who should attend

Ideal candidates include network professionals who are looking to build upon their foundational knowledge of the ClearPass product portfolio. This course would be beneficial for customers who are seeking to expand their ClearPass installation to take advantage of all its features, as well as engineers and technicians wanting to implement a ClearPass solution. 

An individual course planning is possible for this kind of course. If you would like to know more about this course please either call us on +43 (0)1 70795380 or send an email to

Course Description

The Implementing Aruba ClearPass instructor-led course takes a deeper look at the ClearPass product portfolio. This 3-day classroom session includes both instructional modules and hands-on labs to lead participants through the implementation and configuration of a ClearPass Network Access Control solution.  This course is designed to advance the learner’s knowledge in ClearPass features and administration. This is the second of two sections in the ClearPass Essentials course and is designed to advance the learners knowledge of a complete ClearPass solution.

This course is focused on ClearPass functionality and administration. Participants will learn how to setup a ClearPass Cluster with High Availability, and configure OnGuard endpoint compliance and Onboard BYOD features. In addition, this course Monitoring and Reporting, as well as deployment best practices.

Course Topics

  • Intro to ClearPass Services
    • Review of ClearPass Fundamentals
    • Review of Authentication Services
  • OnGuard
    • Introduction to Posture and Health Checks.
    • Configuring And Monitoring OnGuard
    • Managing the OnGuard Agent
  • OnGuard Enforcement
    • OnGuard Enforcement Workflow.
    • Incorporating System Health Validation Into Services
  • Onboard Provisioning
    • Introduction to BYOD
    • Configuring Internal Certificate Authorities
    • Building an Onboard Portal
  • Onboard Administration
    • Managing Client Certificates.
    • Managing BYOD Users and Devices
    • Certificate Revocation and OCSP
  • ClearPass Cluster
    • Database Configuration and Sync
    • Configuring Policy Manager Zones
    • Configuring Server High-availability
  • Administrative Access
    • TACACS Authentication
    • Administrative Profiles for ClearPass Policy Manager
    • ClearPass Guest Operator Profiles
  • Administrative Operations
    • Licensing
    • Understanding Certificates in ClearPass
    • Updates and Upgrades.
    • Server Backups
    • Technical Support and Logs
  • Insight Reports
    • The Insight Dashboard.
    • Searching Insight Data
    • Alert Configuration and Watchlist.
    • Configuring Custom Reports.
    • Insight Administration

Course Objectives

After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:

  • Monitor and troubleshoot ClearPass services
  • Deploy a scalable ClearPass cluster
  • Select and install security certificates within the cluster
  • Manage licenses, upgrades, and backups of ClearPass servers
  • Configure posture and health checks to ensure the security of your network client’s
  • Build enforcement based on effective health check results
  • Set up and manage an effective self-service BYOD solution using ClearPass Onboard
  • Configure Administrative Access to ClearPass Modules and Network Infrastructure Devices
  • Configure custom reports and alerts in the Insight module
Further information

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